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          ASIA HAIHU 即嗨比分 as a leading company in the stainless steel products. Including: steel pipes tubes, steel plates sheets, steel coil, steel rods bars, steel flanges, steel pipe fitting and other steel products. Warmly looking forward to cooperate with your honored!

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          ASIA HAIHU 即嗨比分 is located in the historical and cultural city of Xi’an,China,was found in 2007, It Is a company specializing in stainless steel products,and we are a professional stainless steel enterprise integrating production and sales.we has advanced machinery and equipment,professional R&D team,strict quality monitoring system to ensure the product quality.and we have enjoy a good reputation in many countries.

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          Cooperative partner

          We have a good team, and our company sincerely hope to established long-term cooperative relationship,and mutual benefit,common development,and through the efforts of the whole HaiHui person in build the company into the world’s diverse modern group!
          Hope we can become stable business Cooperative partner!

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          ASIA Haihu 即嗨比分 .

          • E-Mail:info@xqirfbrj.cn
          • Address:No. 221, Zaoyuan West Road, Lianhu Dist., Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
          • Mobilephone:+86 15829920700
          • Telephone:+86 029 8451 0010
          WeChat public number
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